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Pet Stop of Central Illinois has been awarded the New Dealer of the Year!

Who Let the Dogs Out?
Would you like to be able to open your door, let your dogs out, and not have to worry? We know that when searching for an invisible pet containment system you have the safety and wellbeing of your pet in mind as well as product reliability and affordability.

Like you, Pet Stop® of Central Illinois owner Jason Albertini, did his research to find the best pet-fence fence system in the market. Wanting to blend his love and passion for working with dogs, Jason came across Don, a Pet Stop dealer. Listening to him talk, he became really excited about Pet Stop’s product differences, innovations, and compelling technologies.

Pet Stop has such an incredible product, so far ahead of anything other hidden dog fence competitors have out there. The quality of products they manufacture, at an incredible price point, and the VALUE you get from that is far above what you get from any of the competitive dealers. This is why we chose to offer Pet Stop products and a big part of why I got into the business.”

Pet Stop is also proudly 100% Made in the USA.


Low-Level for Your Dog, Low-Key For You = Low Stress Pet Fencing for You Both
DogPet Stop of Central Illinois is all about pet fencing and training that is Fun for the Dog, Gentle, Easy and Safe. Our philosophy is that very gentle and low-stress training is best, which is why we use Pet Stop’s Gentle Steps™. “If it is fun for the dog, your dog will be eager to learn and you will get significantly farther than with any type of strong or negative reinforcement or punishment.” To effectively train your pet, Gentle Steps™ uses a modern incremental low-stress training method that takes full advantage of Pet Stop’s revolutionary low-level technology and comfortable receivers, combined with an understanding of pet breed differences and personalities.

We identify the personality of your dog and figure out what motivates them, then we work through the steps slowly so they understand what is expected of them. Experienced in training dogs, Jason knows how to make things simple and easy and this keeps your pets happy and safe.

2 Reasons to Contact Pet Stop of Central Illinois Today to Schedule your Electronic Fence Installation
TECHNOLOGY in the best interest of your pets to keep them Happy, Healthy, and Safe. - “Pet Stop has the most technologically advanced pet fence system in the world. There are obviously other products on the market but Pet Stop’s technology sets it apart.”

OUTSTANDING CUSTOMER SERVICE – Outstanding customer service is critical. We believe that along with technology, one of the most important things is to have someone who is willing to partner with you to get your dog set up on a system. Someone to make sure and ensure your dog is properly trained but also someone you feel very comfortable working with, whether we are setting up a system inside or outside of your home.

Our goal is to combine Pet Stop’s outstanding technology together with outstanding service so you can have an incredible experience with your pet-fence system!

Trade-In Discounts, New Installation and Upgrades, Service and Repair, Pet Fence Batteries and Components

Pet Stop of Central Illinois will service any and all competitive hidden fence systems including Invisible Fence®, Dog Watch®, Pet Safe®, and Dog Guard® as well as existing Pet Stop fencing. Need an Invisible Fence replacement battery? Have a service or pet fence repair need?

Pet Stop of Central Illinois services All of Central Illinois including Bloomington, Champaign, Decatur, Normal, Peoria, Springfield and Urbana.


Trade-In Your Existing Pet Fence System for a Significant Discount on a New Pet Stop Dog Fence
Pet Stop of Central Illinois honors Pet Stop’s Trade-In program. When you turn in an existing competitive dog fence system you will receive a significant discount on new Pet Stop Products. Why not take advantage of our trade-in program and upgrade your existing hidden fence system at the same time?

Moving or need to relocate your pets fencing system?
Moving into your new home is a very busy time for you and your dog… Different or new landscaping outside, the door bell ringing frequently inside, people coming and going and boxes everywhere, this is an ideal time to have a pet containment system in place. Your dog will be properly acclimated to its new territory and boundaries outside and you can focus on the house inside.

To upgrade or relocate your invisible fence call Pet Stop of Central Illinois for your Trade-In discount. Looking to have a new fence installed or simply need an Invisible Fence replacement battery? Or just have a service or pet fence repair need, our family looks forward to working with you…

About Us – Alternatives - All in the Family
Woman and DogSeems we’re into the alternatives… Pet Stop is the Invisible Fence® alternative and my wife has a business in the alternative safe candle market. Our kids are happy to be involved in both. Our son is even excited to help with the trenching and our daughter just loves to be around dogs. Lucy, our 6 year old cocker spaniel, just loves to be around people. She has a ton of desire to please and will give it every ounce of energy she has so she’s a great dog to come along with me to help set up and test systems. So literally all family members, pets included, are involved. All but Mable that is… Mable, our newest pup addition to the family, is a 12 week old Golden Retriever. She’s just busy right now being a puppy…lots of fun!

Because a Pet Stop containment fence provides such incredible peace of mind, call or email us today to schedule your installation. Soon your family will have one less thing to worry about… Open your door and let the dogs out!


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